Get to know us!

Tesia Lawrence

Hey, I'm Tesia, also known as Tea! I am the main photographer of Tea's photography. I have been doing photography since 2013. Photography is my passion! I love to shoot all types of photography but weddings & portraits is where my heart is!

My faith is in Jesus Christ and I am not ashamed of that! I love spending time with my family, fur babies, and friends. I love coffee and music, I rarely sit in silence, I got to have those tunes on. You will learn quickly that I am shy, quiet and soft spoken, but I don't let that stop me from posing you and doing my job with confidence, I just have a more gentle and calm approach. My husband is my very best friend and biggest support, without him I would not be where I am today. I am so happy that he choose to start shooting with me and that he has the same passion and drive for photography as I do, we make the perfect duo team!

Steven Lawrence

Hi, I am Steven, Tesia's husband.

Through an online dating site, I met Tesia. We were both 22 at the time and instantly hit it off. About 8 months later we got married (best decision I ever made). Tesia had been into photography for maybe a year before we met, but after we got together she really started to fall in love with it. I encouraged her from the start because I saw so much potential in her. I went with her to shoots, carrying props for her and just being her assistant.

Fast forward to 2019 I had been taking some pictures myself and started to really get into photography. Mostly did animals and nature, and some pictures of Tesia. Then Tesia asked me to be her second shooter for a wedding because she thought I was doing really good at taking photos, and I said I would.

Cut to today, we now do all weddings together, and all sessions together because we just have a blast getting to spend so much time together doing what we both love to do. We work so well together as a team and have so much fun.