A little bit about us

Hey, I'm Tesia, also known as Tea!

My faith is in Jesus Christ and I am not ashamed of that.

I am the main photographer of Tea's photography. I have been doing photography since 2013. Photography is my passion! I love to shoot all types of photography but portraits are where my heart is!
You will learn quickly that I am shy, quiet and soft spoken, but I don't let that stop me from posing you and doing my job with confidence, I just have a more gentle and calm approach.

Hi, I am Steven, Tesia's husband.

Through an online dating site, I met Tesia. We were both 22 at the time and instantly hit it off. About 8 months later we got married (best decision I ever made). Tesia had been into photography for maybe a year before we met, but after we got together she really started to fall in love with it. I encouraged her from the start because I saw so much potential in her. I went with her to shoots, and I quickly started falling in love with it too so I decoded to joined her and we became a team.